Your Holistic Awareness Consultation offers a safe space for you to discuss with me where you are now or how to get started on your journey to optimal health and well-being, and how I may be able to assist you.

Together we will:

  • Identify where you are on the journey and what your next steps could look like
    • Addressing questions such as Do you consider yourself to be in good health? What does optimal health look like for you? Diet & Exercise, do they really matter? What if any are the stressors in your life, and how do you effectively manage them?


I will facilitate you:

  • Feeling supported, so you can be Empowered on your journey.
    • Introducing practical tools to assist you to make the changes needed to attain your goals
      • Holistic Therapies & Techniques for Self-Care
      • Focused Breathing Techniques
      • Mindfulness & Meditation
      • Tips to Nourish and Sustain your Body
      • Establishing Support and Accountability Systems

The goal is for you to become more self-aware, and be able to:

✓ Recognize and let go of old patterns
✓ Understand what your body is telling you
✓ Acknowledge who you are and what you are feeling
✓ Know what your body requires and how to fuel and sustain it

Further Instructions
✓Sitting down on a chair or bed with pillows will be sufficient to do practical work.

✓ Consultations are done via SKYPE or ZOOM preferably, however WhatsApp video may also be used.

✓Please where possible, have the room quiet at your appointment time. No Telephone or TV will be permitted.

Transformation Therapies invites you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to have face to face support at home, literally at your fingertips with your electronic device.